Sales Coaching

Empowering your sales teams with skills  and habits that boost close rates, reduce average time to close, and increase customer retention

Improve Close Rates and Retention

Most who work in sales have natural people skills, however salespeople often tend to fall into bad habits, behaving typically "salesy", triggering anti-sales reactions from prospects, inadvertently pushing business away. Salespeople then waste time in the endless follow up cycle, being ignored by customers and seldom achieving a close

We coach sales teams to improve skills in proven, consistently successful consultative sales methodologies, designed to make sales easy for everyone, and effective in closing and retaining business

Define Sales Processes

Startups are often unclear on their exact sales process and strategy. Luckily, that's our area of expertise! From lead generation and outreach, through to follow ups and retention, we'll help your sales teams and leaders to craft and implement sales processes that work best for your product or service, maximising all key sales metrics

Motivation and Mindset

Sales can be a difficult game for salespeople in startups: rapidly changing environments, competing with established competitors, and being clear on what to do and how to do it can all play a role in inconsistent performance, and therefore de-motivated teams.

We work closely with your team to identify their individual challenges, encouraging and empowering them using techniques based on the latest insights into lasting human motivation

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