Leadership Coaching

Supporting your founders, senior leaders and team leaders to develop and nurture the leadership skills that will guide your teams to perform at their best across all functions

Grow Leadership Skills

Although startup CEOs are averagely 45 years' old, typically other leaders within startups are averagely 29 years' old (Source: Crunchbase). This means young, fresh ideas and innovation, but it can also mean a lack of experience in leading teams or departments. New leaders often have room to grow in a range of areas, such as prioritisation, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, managing imposter syndrome, and more

We guide your new leaders to learn and develop leadership skills and habits that help them to grow, and motivate their teams to perform at their best

Define Culture, Vision & Values

Quick growth, although welcome for many startup founders and leaders, can make it difficult to have the time to define what your company culture and values are. It can also be hard to know what your short and long term goals are, and what your vision is for the company and for the teams within it

Without a clear vision and culture that is also well communicated throughout your business, it is easy to waste time and resources hiring and training the wrong people, leading to further lag in reaching your desired growth

We help founders and senior leaders to identify their vision, and implement core values across their wider teams

Best Practices

Usually, frameworks and processes are missing from startup structures. This makes it difficult for staff to work efficiently, and unnecessary time and funds are wasted, which are crucial resources for startups on the brink of immense growth

We support your leaders to identify best practices and tools, using data to become ever more efficient

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