Get (virtually) face-to-face Perfection is 9/10ths of the law Old School Note Taking


Get (virtually) face-to-face

Humans are social creatures, and for millennia we’ve socialised physically; being able to touch, see and smell, as well as hear each other. Although we still don’t have the technology to touch and smell others through our screens, being able to see someone’s face and body language is still extremely important to the way we interpret other people’s behaviour. You will be naturally more able to read and react to the people you are engaging with, and you will be more memorable to them as a face, rather than just a name and a voice. In today’s world, it can be tempting to hop on a voice call – it saves us time getting ourselves presentable for a Zoom video chat, but it could be hindering you. Remember, you only need to be presentable from the waist up, so it’s not that bad!

Perfection is 9/10ths of the law

The “perfect” salesperson is exactly that – a “salesperson”. The more our potential customers view us as salespeople, and less as simply people, the more we could be potentially putting them off. It’s okay if your tech doesn’t work perfectly, or if you’re dressed smart-casual. It’s human if you have a cup of tea in view, or of if your hair isn’t perfect. Turning up to a Zoom call in a full suit, with slicked back hair, a clean shave, and a pen in your front pocket may look more “professional” but it also screams “I want to sell to you”. We still need to make an effort to be presentable, but 9/10 is good enough – it leaves room for the human element that others will find comforting, and they’ll be more likely to be relaxed and therefore open with you.

Old School Note Taking

It can be tempting when you’re on a video chat with a potential customer to take notes on your laptop, or have your emails open in the background. It is obvious when someone is reading something on their screen, and it makes your customers feel less valued. When typing notes, although they may truly be related to the customer, it can give the impression that you’re not focused on them and in fact are trying to multi-task and do other things. When you’re talking to someone – stay focused on them. Tell them you may make notes and show them the pen and paper you will use to do it. When you write with your pen, they will know it’s because you’re listening and focusing on them, not responding to a quick email that’s just come in as they’re talking.

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