6 December 2020 | Personality Types

How understanding DISC can help you sell more states: “DiSC® measures dimensions of your personality. It does not measure intelligence, aptitude, mental health, or values. DiSC profiles describe human behavior in various situations—for example, how you respond to challenges, how you influence others, your preferred pace, and how you respond to rules and procedures. It measures tendencies and preferences, or patterns of behavior, with no judgment regarding value or alignment with a skill set or job classification.”

DISC (Dominant, Influencer, Steady, Conscientious) is an abbreviation for the 4 main personality types commonly present in human beings, as categorized by the original DISC model. 

There are different ways to identify someone’s predominant personality type. The typical DISC parameters identify each of the 4 with common traits, for example:

Dominant – Direct, Results Orientated, Decisive, Strong Willed

Influencer – Outgoing, Optimistic, People Orientated

Steady – Accommodating, laid-back, Tactful

Conscientious – Analytical, Systematic, Precise, Reserved

Why is this helpful for salespeople?

Different DISC profiles communicate in different ways, and respond to your communications in different ways. If you can master identifying someone’s predominant personality type, you can adapt your style of communicating, which enables you to connect more with your customers. A greater connection, a more open conversation, a higher probability of a mutually beneficial transaction: they feel like they’ve bought something, not that they were sold to, and you not only get a sale but happy customer.

Sales is all about psychology, so the more you can understand about human behaviour and communication, the easier it will be for you to sell.  For tips on how to more easily identify DISC profiles, click here 

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